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alt.SPACE Terms and Conditions

Read Our Fine Print - Then there will be NO misunderstandings!


  1. Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. reserves the right to refuse a booking at their own discretion without reason.
  2. Animals, with the exception of working service animals, are prohibited on the premises.
    Failure to comply will result in the complete waiving of the return of damage deposit.
  3. Absolutely no confetti, loose glitter or sparkles allowed inside of the premises.
  4. Absolutely no minors allowed on the premises at any time.

REPRESENTATIVE APPOINTMENT – Renter shall appoint a representative who shall be responsible for booking arrangements, set up and clean up times, informing the hall representative of specific needs and payment of rental fees. The contract must be signed and user fees paid prior to the event. All activities must be strictly supervised by an adult who will be responsible for the group and liable for the condition of the Space during and as a result of the Space use. If this person is replaced, the name and contact information of the succeeding person shall be made known to alt.SPACE and a new contract signed.

TIME SCHEDULE – Prearranged hours and door opening time will be arranged between the Renter and an alt.SPACE Representative. Renter must vacate the premises at the end of their time allotment or 9AM the following day unless alternative arrangements have been made.

LIQUOR RULES – Renter must obtain and post a Liquor Permit and abide by its rules and regulations. Renter must also provide proof of COMPREHENSIVE GENERAL LIABILITY (HOST LIQUOR) INSURANCE with a limit of no less than TWO MILLION DOLLARS naming WARE’S AND WEAR VENTURES INC. as additional insured. Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. accepts no responsibility for injury or damages resulting from liquor consumption on the premises.

FEES – A holding deposit of 50% is due on booking which is non-refundable in the event of cancellation. The balance is due no less than 5 (five) business days before the date of the scheduled function along with a 100% damage deposit provided in money order/certified cheque format. The damage deposit will be returned or destroyed after completion of rental and a satisfactory inspection of alt.SPACE and surrounding Grounds.

CANCELLATIONS – Cancellation of the venue after the holding deposit is made will result in forfeiture of the 50% holding deposit.

DAMAGES – Renters shall leave the facility as they found it. This is to include equipment, rooms, bathrooms, grounds and exterior of alt.SPACE. The persons or organization renting the facility shall be responsible for any and all damages, breakage or loss occurring by any person attending the function and shall reimburse Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. for any costs incurred in repairing the damage, replacing breakage or losses. Should the Renter be in default of this, they shall forfeit a portion or the damage deposit in its’ entirety at the discretion of Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. Replacement/repair costs in excess of the damage deposit shall be invoiced to the Renter via the Representative.

ALTERATIONS TO BUILDING – Painting, nailing, drilling/screwing into the floor, walls or any part of the building is not permitted except by prior written approval.

CLEANING/GENERAL – Clean-up will take place immediately following the event, unless alternate arrangements have been made at the time of booking. All paper, garbage etc. must be picked up by the Renter and be placed in provided receptacles or garbage bags. Setting up, taking down and stacking of all tables and chairs in the proper storage areas are the responsibility of the Renter. Dirty or wet tables and chairs must be washed and dried. Any fixtures, appliances etc. which are not operating correctly should be reported to Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc as soon as possible. Cupboards must be free of grease, grime and any food debris. All floors must be swept including the kitchen and bathrooms. Please flush toilets and ensure taps are not left running. All windows are to be closed and locked. All lights are to be turned off, and the door must be locked upon departure from the facility if no representative is on-site to do so. Key-drop may be required if the event is closing after midnight.

Please see the attached cleaning list for a guideline to cleaning alt.SPACE.

Please observe the ‘campsite rule’ – leave the space in the same or better condition that you found it in.

KEYS – Keys for alt.SPACE will be provided for the Renter by Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. on the date of possession (if required). If a key-drop is required the instructions will be clearly relayed at that time. Failure to return keys in the key drop will result in a re-keying fee to be deducted from the damage deposit provided.

GARBAGE CANS – Garbage cans provided by Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. must be emptied and bags disposed in the dumpster.

DEFAMATION AND ABUSE – General Character and/or Company slights, abuse of any Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. employee or insults of any kind will not be tolerated. Any Renter responsible will have their booking cancelled (non-refundable) and will be permanently banned from alt.SPACE.

LIABILITY – Ware’s and Wear Ventures Inc. assumes no responsibility for any events which may occur during the period of this agreement. The use of alt.SPACE and outside grounds are at the Renter’s risk. Renters are encouraged to obtain their own liability insurance when renting the hall.


Terms Agreement Form

< Click on the Icon to Download the PDF Terms and Conditions Form. Bring, Fax or eSend the completed document to with your deposit.

Rate Schedule – Private or Profit Groups

Per Room RentalIncludes Common Refreshment Area and Two Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

  1. Monday – Thursday DAY Rate
  2. $75 / 3 hr block
  3. $250 / 24 hr block
  1. Monday – Thursday EVENING Rate (5PM)
  2. $100 / 3 hr block
  3. $250 / 24 hr block
  1. Friday – Saturday DAY Rate
  2. $150 / 3 hr block
  3. $500 / 24 hr block

Rate Schedule – Non-Profit Groups

Per Room RentalIncludes Common Refreshment Area and Two Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

  1. Monday – Thursday DAY Rate
  2. $50 / 3 hr block
  3. $200 / 24 hr block
  1. Monday – Thursday EVENING Rate (5PM)
  2. $75 / 3 hr block
  3. $200 / 24 hr block
  1. Friday – Saturday
  2. $100 / 3 hr block
  3. $350 / 24 hr block

Over Time Rate – All Groups

$40 / hr – Per Room

Regular Room 3 Hour Block includes YOUR OWN Set-up and Clean-up time.
Allow time for clean-up, the next group might not want to join your scene!

24 Hour Blocks are from 10:00 AM to 10:00 AM next day.

Cleaning Check List